While both wooden doors and windows appeal in many ways as they seem to offer many benefits, there’s more than meets the eye. There are some factors you should factor in when you decide to install them or purchase a home in which they are prominent. Due to factors such as its insulation properties, wooden fittings are timeless in style and are a firm favourite among builders and homeowners. However, you should be aware that there are some drawbacks to wooden windows and doors.

The Pros and Cons of Wooden Doors and Windows in Your Home


A Variety Custom Shapes Available

A great benefit to wooden doors and windows is that it is possible to cut them to any custom shape or size, which means they can be sized to fit any shape or size of doorway. As a material, wood is highly versatile and also has many shades and variants available.


Wooden windows and doors require much less maintenance than their metal counterparts, and offer a longer lifespan – particularly where the quality of timber is quite high and the architecture is timeless. Wooden windows won’t get rusty, crack or break easily.


While many other building materials tend to shrink and swell with changes in temperature, wood conducts heat poorly, making it an excellent insulator, and far less less prone to condensing. This saves you in energy costs over time, adding up to a small fortune before you know it. They also prove a great sound-proofing benefits, muffling loud sounds from outside and retaining privacy inside.

Style and Appearance

Wooden doors provide a very rich and rustic aura, adding beauty and flair to your home. A natural stained wood grain adds a sense of austerity to your entryway and are provide a remarkable introduction to your guests as they make their way into the glamorous interior that awaits. The chief reason that homeowners choose wooden doors and windows is because of the natural warmth and elegance which only wood can ooze so effortlessly.


Installation Cost

While having wooden doors and windows in your home can add up to a tonne savings over time, the initial outlay can be a pretty penny. Don’t think that you can cut corners by buying cheap wood either – these require a lot more maintenance and repairs, and simply do not last as long as sturdier wood.


The biggest risk to your precious wooden fittings is termites, which live in and attack your untreated wood. To prevent this, be sure to treat your wood regularly.

Treatment is Required

While wood is said to last a lifetime, this is subject to sound upkeep. High quality pain and treatment will ensure that your investment goes the distance and brings you all the benefits you seek when opting for a beautiful wooden finish to your home.

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