Builders Canada Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Is Builders Canada?
Builders Canada is a privately owned company founded by Gamaliel Seva in 2011 as an online hub for home owners and home improvement contractors. Gama simply wants to help home owners to find the right service provider for their projects and help home improvement contractors to get customers.
Is There A Fee To Access Builders Canada?
No, we don’t charge home owners to use our site just to find the right contractor for their projects, in fact we even help home them to find the best matched service providers in their local area for free.
How Is Builders Canada Different From Other Online Directory?
Builders Canada is industry-focused directory for Canadians, we are very passionate about this industry. Being an Architectural Designer and Builder himself. Gamaliel knows the ins and outs of home improvement business both on homeowners and service provider’s perspective.

When it comes to company’s inclusion and rankings, we work with you as a homeowner and as a customer.

  • We based our listing ranking on the customer’s feedback.
  • Companies with bad reputation will be delisted and ban perpetually on website. Of course due process will be given to them.
  • No review manipulations. If we found out that a service provider is utilizing some kind of review manipulation tactics then we will remove it on the listing right away.

FAQs For Companies

Can I Upgrade My Listing Later?
Yes, you can start with our Free Listing option and your company will still be added to our Home Improvement Directory. Should you decide to upgrade later then you can do so by just clicking on the upgrade button available on your account however we cannot guarantee the same low price that we are offering today as will definitely increase the price as soon as we’ve reached a certain number of listings.
Will My Listing Expires?
No, all listings will stay on our website for good unless you deleted them or deleted by one of our administrator for violating Builders Canada’s Terms of Use Agreements. Our Featured Listing however you are required to pay for it each month otherwise it will fall back to the Free Listing level.
My Company Is Already Listed But I Want to Make Changes Into It, What Should I Do?

1. Create a Listing Here using your company’s information.
2. Contact Us and provide us with any proof showing that you are the rightful owner. ie a copy of your company’s registration, organizational affiliations, bills that shows your company name or nay relevant documents. We are doing this to protect the ownership the listing not getting into the wrong hands.
3. We will review your claim and we will get back to you should there’s some discrepancy between your information provided and the existing listing.

My Company's Office is from Outside of Canada, Can I list My Company to Builders Canada?
No, sorry our service is for Canadian companies only, if you have a physical office anywhere in Canada then you may add your company. We want to give our viewers an accurate information of what we are adding to our website.
How To Push My Listing to the Top of My Chosen Category?
Our system comes with a very simple yet very effective to put your listing on top called “Raise Up”. Simply tick the “Raise Up” button on your account dashboard, pay an small amount and your listing will be on top of the list. Please note that your listing will not stick on the top as new listings will be added on top of your listing.
What Payment Method Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards through Paypal and Stripe, we also accept check and even direct bank deposits. Remember though that if you pay check or bank payments it will be subject for clearing before your listing go live.
How Does Your SEO Works?
Our SEO component is very straightforward. We will rank your listing page on the search engine for the keywords that you want to rank. For example if you are a company providing roofing repair within Toronto area. We will then rank your listing for keyword phrases like “Toronto Roofing Contractor”, “Roofing Repair Toronto” or “Toronto Roofing Services” etc.
What If I Cancelled My Subscription? What Will Happen to My Ranking?
Good question. If you unsubscribed with your monthly subscription then we will stop the SEO campaign. Now your listing ranking will fall back to the Free listing but it doesn’t mean your listing ranking on the search will disappear, it might stick there for a while depending how strong your competition.
How Does The Network Blast Works?
Our network blast is simple, when you choose 3 of our premium plans (1st Floor, 2nd Floor & Attic Plans) we will blast your listing page across our social media followers from facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and to our web 2.0 properties. This will give your listing and your brand an instant boost.
How To Feature My Listing?
Getting your listing Featured is simple, just choose one of our premium plan and your listing will stick on the top of Builders Canada page for as long as you are subscribed.