The only time that foggy windows may be considered ‘charming’ is from the scene of a horror or thriller movie which meets the pallate of a horror movie lover. Speaking of ‘lover’, maybe even acceptable is the scene of foggy windows from a 1950’s drive in scene where young couples fog up their car windows as a result of ‘extra mural’ hormones based activities! That’s about the only times ever that foggy windows are relatively acceptable -in the movies that is!


Humidity is the measure of excess water present in the air while condensation is the result of access humidity and molecular engagement from heat /cool contact made between water particles and the surfaces they land on. This can be clearly indicated as is in the case of mist on shower windows, wall’s, mirrors or between glass windows .

While it’s necessary and considered healthy for a required level of moisture in the air which will prevent furniture from cracking or aging or nose passages from blocking up, the damage of poor ventilation can be seen in foggy windows or peeling paint which is unattractive and an eye sore. Refreshingly, there are solutions!

It’s imperative to firstly establish what’s causing the windows to fog. One needs to check if it’s the result of poor quality glass or broken seals. Are foggy windows caused by overly insulated home’s or old glass that has air seep? Is your home in need of general air ventilation system’s or what about the roofing? All questions to be considered but again general checks and balance’s can make one conclude basics.

Foggy windows can be treated with argon coated gases between glass or replaced in part if the design of the window allows. Multi layered glass fittings can be vetted to establish premium quality and grading through authentic warranty checks with governing bodies like Window And Door Manufacturing Associations. Light reflective technologies and even inter glass blinds are optional for the progressive home owner.

Fortunately you are not tasked alone to ‘demystify’ foggy window matters. There are easily available experts who can dispense advice which can mitigate DIY endeavors. Just research enough to ask the right questions.

Other factors separate to contributing towards foggy windows may be in actual geographic location of your home. Understand your climate patterns together with your home’s position. Ignore these attributing factors and regardless of how premium the glass choice, you may still be met with foggy windows.


Foggy windows can be prevent or treated at early signs. To retain home value and marketability in event of selling window aesthetic needs to be visually appealing-literally!

Again, if you aren’t tucked away in a mountain lodge looking into nature through frosty windows allowing for a surreal ambient experience, you should be looking clearly through your window onto what lies in the other side…no smoke and mirrors or rather no fog on glass and mirrors!

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The guest article was provided by Apex Window Werks, company that offers foggy window repair services in Chicagoland area. AAW was included into Angie’s List and it is a BBB A+ company with more than 8 years of experience in professional window works.

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